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Why will I apply in First Magellan?

  • First Magellan is the fastest growing duly licensed land-based recruitment agency with license no.POEA-039-LB-030215-R.
  • With reputable name and with Good Standing Status Rating from POEA over the years. To check and verify, visit
  • With management’s nearly 25 year of recruitment and documentation experience.
  • Vast client base from Globally from Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Ireland, Libya, Middle East (UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain ), Singapore,
  • With Variety, New, Existing client’s  job openings from diversified companies and  industries 
  • With Comfortable and pleasing Office Atmosphere
  • With Friendly, Accommodating and Professional Staff and Employees

How do I apply?

 You may apply depending on your location and preference:

  • Personally submit your resume or mail at -

Manila Office: Unit A & B 4th floor, Grayline Ventures and Management Bldg., #14 Arayat Street, Brgy. Malamig Mandaluyong City

Manila Office: Telefax: (+632) 477-9510 or (+632) 263-7483

What are the requirements to submit?

Initially send/submit your resume with complete Personal Information (name, present and permanent address, contact numbers and e-mail address), work experience with job description and most recent 2x2 photos. For ladies applying of customer service and hospitality positions whole body photo is required.

Following will be submitted during final interview, shortlisting, upon request of client or when already selected:

  • Passport
  • NBI / Police Clearance
  • Employment Certificates
  • Training and Seminar Certificates
  • High School Form 137 and Diploma and/ or College Diploma and Transcript of Records (TOR)

If you are applying for Canada, following must be sent/submitted during initial application:

  • Resume with job description (steps by steps)
  • Tools/equipment knows how to operate
  • Passport
  • Presentable and most recent 2X2 photo
  • Brand of vehicles – if Technicians and drivers
  • Driver’s License for Driver
  • List of recipes – if cook
  • 3 actual work photos
  • Training certificates
  • Employment certificates and
  • School credentials -  High School Form 137 and Diploma and/ or College Diploma and Transcript of Records (TOR)

Note:  We only endorse those with complete documents.

What qualifications are being required?

(1)   Direct and related experience
(2)   Minimum of two (2) years relevant skills 
(3)   Medically Fit & Mentally Prepared
(4)   Complete Documents (passport, clearances, Certificates etc)
(5)   Financially and Morally capable to undergo recruitment process
(6)   Availability, willingness and readiness for immediate travel

What are the application processes?

  1. All application shall pass through reviewing and screening process from Magellan Account Handler to Officers.
  2. Screened and assessed resume will be endorsed to client for shorltisting.
  3. Resume that is not endorsed or not shortlisted by client shall be placed in our database or active file for future requirement
  4. Notification and advisory is made within between 2 weeks to 8 weeks. Non-receipt of the same shall mean application did no push through and accordingly FM will endorse the application to other client openings or for future references.
  5. Shortlisted candidates shall be for interviews face to face, online or telephonic
  6. If you are selected candidate, the Account Handler will notify you through text message/email or voice call to report to office for offer discussion and/or signing.
  7. Upon signing of FM and client offer, applicant shall be endorsed to Documentation Department for documentation orientation and processing of your travel documents.
  8. Non-receipt of Notification and advisory should make reference and follow-ups to our respective Magellan Account Staff and employees.

How much salary should I expect?

Offered salaries are generally relative and dependent on the applicant worker’s relevant and related years of experience. Other conditions may include country of destination, related industry and the size of the Employer’s Company. But normally, the applicant worker should expect a minimum salary of twice or triple his current  Philippine salary.

Can I give my preferred work-destination?

Work Destination is the applicant worker’s choice and prerogatives.

While opportunities are by way of chance and circumstance, hence, it may not necessarily always be available; thus existing job opening should be considered regardless of destination especially for first timer’s overseas applicants.

Only when an applicant worker with highly specialized skills, numerous and vast overseas experience with favored various options available may consider a preferential work destination.

What is the processing period of deployment, assuming I am selected and signed the employment offer?

It depends; there are a lot of variables to be considered – country, completeness of documents, securance of visa, passing medical, trade test, other examination required, among others.  However, in normal processing timetable Asia, Zambia, Gulf Countries, except Kuwait it is 4 weeks to 6 weeks upon passing the medical exam and completion of documents. Kuwait and Libya – between 3 to 5 months due to stiff Kuwait government regulation, Finland, Australia and Canada – between 3 to 6 months.

What are the expenses that I will incur?

  • Application Form – We do not charge, this is free of charge.
  • Processing Fee – depending on fee arrangement/agreement to client, they are the one dictating whether they will shoulder the cost or by the applicants. 

Specific cost is reflected in our service agreement or we called it FM Offer to be signed by aspirant before commencing the documentation and signing of employment offer provided by client.

How much is the Placement Fee?

  1. Depending on the Agency and Client Employer Contract, Fee Arrangements with Applicant Workers will be as follows:

    - NO Placement Fee
    - With Placement Fee (Mandated- One month of Worker’s Salary)
    - With Placement Fee through Salary Deduction or Fly Now and Pay Later Scheme

  2. That such Fee Arrangements with the Applicant Workers shall vary as to whether such Fees shall be borne exclusively or/and partly by the Client Employer.

Due to difficulties and long processing period to apply for Angolan employment visa, the usual process being done by SIGMA/Angolan employer is let the workers depart under visit visa and apply the working visa upon their arrival to Angola.

  • How long will it take to process the employment visa? It will be up to Immigration Office Authority, but will take one to two months.

  • Are they allowed to work even they are holder of visit visa, assuming it will take more than a month or 2 to process? They will work, but It will be under the Company’s responsibility.

  • What if, the employment visa will not be granted? The Work VISA will be surely issued and the company will do best to shorten process period.

  • How long is the visit visa processing? It will entail 3 to 4 weeks processing period.
Unit-A & B 4th Flr. Grayline Ventures and Management Bldg.
#14 Arayat St. Mandaluyong City 1553, Philippines
TEL. (+632) 477-9510 or (+632) 263-7483
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