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Why should I hire Filipinos in our workforce?
Our prociency in the English language, our well-roundedness and our good character brings our workforce at the forefront of global competitiveness. Moreso, our workforce is educated, technically equipped and well-experienced.

Who is the right organization to recruit Filipinos for overseas work?
Only agencies duly licensed by the Department of Labor (DOLE) through the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) may recruit Filipinos for overseas employment. A foreign employer should thus get the services and appoint a duly licensed agency enable to hire Filipino workers.

May First Magellan recruit Filipinos for overseas employment?
YES. First Magellan is a duly licensed land-based recruitment agency with license no. POEA-079-LB-041307-R.

How can I get in touch with First Magellan to ask for further query or any collaboration concerning recruitment/tie-up/partnership?
Please contact our Accounts and Relationship Director (ARD), Mr. Jonathan B. Jordan on the following details:

Email Address:
Telephone : +63-2-910-5169/+63-2-6343950
Mobile:  +63-917-8252079/+63-917-8550988

What are the initial requirements for a foreign employer to be able to employ Filipino workers?
The foreign employer must first be registered to Philippine Overseas Employment and Administration (POEA).  POEA is a regulatory government body to oversee overseas employment regulations.

The following documents are needed to facilitate the registration and they should all be verified by the corresponding Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) of the foreign client’s country, to wit:

(1) Verified Manpower Request
(2) Verified Special Power of Attorney
(3) Verified Commercial Registration
(4) Verified Affidavit of Undertaking
(5) Verified Employment Contracts signing all pages

To view sample of these documents you may visit -

Do we need to go to the Philippines just to get registered?
NO. First Magellan, being your appointed agency will facilitate the registration in Manila, Philippines in your behalf at no cost.  Just send to us the documents enumerated above.

How long does registration take?
Registration takes about one (1) week if all the documents are complete and there is no POEA compliance.

How long does recruitment/generation of candidates will take place?
Depending on the qualification required, availability of the position in the Philippines, location and salary package; but in normal transaction minimum 3 to 7 days.  We will likewise inform you if we cannot generate your requirement.

How long can you send the selected applicant at the worksite?
If POEA registration is complete, job order is ready, the medical result of the worker is cleared, passport and attested documents of workers is ready and visa is ready between 2 to 4 weeks except for Canada, Finland, Australia and Kuwait, it is between 4 to 6 months.

We are already registered with another agency in the Philippines; may we still register with First Magellan?
YES. A foreign client is allowed to be registered with a maximum of two (2) agencies. If a foreign client has already 2 agencies under them, the remedy is to cancel one of their agencies to accommodate another.

What are the services offered by First Magellan?






  • Generation of manpower needs thru:
  • Online CV search
  • Headhunting services
  • Media Advertisements
  • Organizes online, telephone and face-to-face interviews
  • Conducts initial screening of the suitability of applicants for a position
  • Facilitates the itinerary of visiting employers for recruitment activities in the country to include:
  • Airport and Hotel Pick ups
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Interview process
  • Ensuring availability of trade test equipment and location
  • Provide replacement workers
  • Conduct offer orientation to selected applicants of the terms and details of the employment
  • Check availability and interest of applicants for a position
  • Researches concerning salary and other benefit packages



  • Accreditation of Employer with Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA)
  • Conduct orientation on the terms and conditions of being selected
  • Submission of regular status report on client registration and/or selected applicant’s processing movement
  • Facilitation of medical examinations through a duly accredited Medical Clinic
  • Processing of Job Order (J.O.) and its revalidation
  • Processing of Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) or E-Receipt
  • Collection or procurement of airline ticket
  • Visa collection/processing
  • Airline reservation/confirmation
  • Facilitation of pre-departure orientation seminar and airport procedures for all your selected workers
  • Document Analysis
  • Visa Facilitation
  • Departure assistance

What is the Foreign Client’s role in the recruitment process of First Magellan?
The foreign client takes an ACTIVE ROLE in First Magellan’s recruitment process. They are actively involved in screening from actual interviews (face-to-face, telephone or online) to the selection. This is to make sure that only the most suitable are selected for document processing and deployment.

Is there a limit to the number of Filipino workers that a foreign employer may hire?
NONE. There is no limit as to the number of Filipino workers that a foreign employer may hire so long as the needed number of employees has a corresponding manpower request which shall be registered with the POEA.


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